Billy Corgan Founds Pro Wrestling Company


The Great Pumpkin is a big fan of professional wrestling. He talks about it on Twitter, stages elaborate stunts with luchadors at performances in Mexico, and recently released a God-awful 12-minute film about lady wrestlers as the music video for “Owata.” So, friends, is it any wonder that Billy Corgan has taken his obsession a step further and launched his own pro wrestling company? Dubbed Resistance Pro and intended to harken back to the, er, sport’s “glory days,” it will debut November 25th at the Excalibur Club in Chicago. Corgan will serve as the company’s “creative director” — meaning that he’ll come up with the story lines. We find this very promising, and strongly suggest that he include narratives inspired by his Twitter battles with Courtney Love, his obsession with the music industry’s downfall, and the government conspiracy that brought us swine flu. If there’s one thing Billy Corgan has going for him, it’s an active imagination. [via NME ]