Art Inspired by the Work of Haruki Murakami


As popular, contemporary authors go, few offer story lines as imaginative or images as vivid as Haruki Murakami’s. So it was exciting to learn, via Super Punch, that the LVMH-affiliated design site Nowness is running a competition for the best original art inspired by Murakami’s work in advance of the English-language publication of his newest novel, 1Q84. Now that the entries are in, readers have been invited to vote, and six winners will be crowned on October 25th. We’ve posted a selection of our favorite pieces — which range from photos to paintings to book-cover designs — after the jump.

Monica Ramos, inspired by Kafka on the Shore and Norwegian Wood

Meg Baron

Bryand, inspired by The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Haejeon Jessica Lee

Philip Cheaney

Jake Snellin, inspired by “Super-Frog Saves Tokyo” from the short-story collection after the quake

Justinebelle, inspired by Kafka on the Shore

Ryan Hartley

Concheven, inspired by Kafka on the Shore

Vidha Saumya, inspired by Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World