Nicki Minaj Poses as the Picturesque Renaissance Woman for ‘W’


Chicken leg necklaces are so five minutes ago. Now it’s all about eye jewelry — preferably worn from your eye. We know, because wild tastemaker Nicki Minaj is rocking an eye adornment as she graces the cover of W‘s November 2011 Art and Fashion issue. In the photoshoot, she is transformed by artist and satirist Francesco Vezzoli into a high society lady of the Renaissance era, complete with frills, bows, gilded frames and all. Don’t worry, though, she hasn’t gone totally proper on us — all the photos are still a little weird, set off-kilter by Nicki’s trademark wide-eyed stare and playful smile. Click through to see Nicki on W‘s November cover, as well as a few portraits of Nicki in of proper Renaissance wear. Classy and fun or trying too hard? Let us know what you think in the comments!