Stan Lee Launches a New Children’s Imprint


The legendary comic mogul Stan Lee has teamed up with publisher 1821 Comics to create a new imprint just for kids, entitled “Stan Lee’s Kid’s Universe.” Of the project, Lee explained, “Our main purpose is we feel that there aren’t enough comic books or books for kids that really hit the target, that gives them excitement and humor together and are filled with surprises. We have a whole new group of new characters that the kids can call their own, just as the teenagers called Spider-Man their own so many years ago.”

The multi-platform imprint’s first run will consist of five books (“Monsters Vs. Kittens,” from writer and artist Dani Jones, and “Once Upon a Time,” followed by “The Fuzz Posse,” where the eponymous posse is a group of police dogs, ”Reggie the Veggie Crocodile,” who gets exiled from his carnivorous contemporaries for his penchant for leafy greens, and “The Animal Band”) and a video game for the iPad and iPhone. Well, we’re not sure that what kids need right now are more puns (it’s because they’re fuzzy!), but we’re reserving judgement. After all, it’s Stan Lee, so it’s probably going to be pretty darn good.

[via GalleyCat]