The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Anna Faris


Last night on Saturday Night Live, Anna Faris dressed up like Sailor Moon, Drake (barely) reverted back to his acting roots, and Nicki Minaj made a surprise appearance in a very sexy leotard. We happen to love all three of the celebrity guests, particularly Anna Faris, and accordingly, this may be our favorite episode thus far this season. That’s not to say there weren’t some pretty low moments, of course. Click through to see our picks for best and worst skits of the night, and let us know what made you laugh (or cringe uncontrollably) in the comments.

The Best:

What’s Wrong with Tanya?!

Anna Faris showed off her staple (and somehow always hilarious) dumb blonde character with a portrayal of a wide-eyed Lifetime housewife trying to guess the maladies of neighborhood teens. Vanessa Bayer and Kristin Wiig also delighted, and as ever, Bill Hader is the creepiest person on stage, and the best.

J Pop America Fun Time Now

This skit lampoons white kids who are obsessed with Japanese culture, “riding a fine line between homage and racism.” Much like this sketch. Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer are particularly well used here and have great chemistry, goofy and girlish in a way no other cast members could have quite pulled off.

Lord Windermere

This skit is totally insane and apropos of nothing, and we usually don’t go in for the skits that are complete nonsense, but for some reason Lord Windermere’s absurdity is ridiculously endearing. You can’t help but smile.

The Worst:

The Cold Open

There’s so much to mine from the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially for a show like SNL, but they totally dropped the ball and gave us nothing but an unconvincing Bloomberg impression from Fred Armisen. The jokes were meager at best, and there was at least one occasion that the studio audience laughed heartily at what must have been nothing more than the laugh light, because nothing that could have been construed as a joke had happened.

Yet Another GOP Debate

Yet Another GOP Debate Skit.

The Manuel Oritz Show

When oh when will they stop doing this sketch? It’s unbearably pointless and they do it every time — or at least it feels that way. True, Bill Hader did a great sketchball husband, but look, why not put that character into a sketch that has an outside chance of being funny? Something to think about.