We’re Looking for a New York-Based Web Designer…


… because our beloved Jonathan Rahmani (who you might remember from here or here) is leaving us. Why are we telling you this? For a few reasons really. 1. You love Flavorpill and because of that, we know that you want to help us make it look pretty. 2. We realize that most of our readers are creative types — whether you make art or consume it. Creative people run in packs, so it’s likely you know someone who would be perfect for this gig. 3. Telling your friends about a job opening is so much less depressing than grumbling about more lay-offs. OK, enough foreplay. The full listing after the jump.

Flavorpill is seeking a highly skilled web designer to help create its next generation site. All candidates must possess not only a strong portfolio of beautiful, well organized designs for quality brands but also a clear understanding of UX and UI. At heart, this person must be all about simplicity and usability. And he/she doesn’t just know what the phrase iterative development means, but has lived it. The ability to get into the code and work the HTML and CSS is a huge plus.Additionally, the person that we’ll hire has a love of culture in one or many facets. He/she has a real passion for working hard and having fun. Here in the workplace, we’re looking for a person with skills and confidence, and someone who is ultimately a team player. Superstars only need apply.

Core Requirements: 5+ years of professional web-design experience. Proven ability to work with cross-functional teams and successfully launch new products. Thorough understanding of user-experience design for highly interactive websites. Iterative development experience Branding experience Experience in product and graphic design, as well as branding. Comfortable in leading and supporting roles

Main Responsibilities: Design a site that people love using because it works and its simple Work with the sales team producing client proposals, various sales materials and client based products. Apply best practices in design and usability during creative development. Collaborate with project team to address every angle and detail of the design and user experience. Generate innovative and elegant visual- and interactive- design solutions that effectively address brand, business, market, and customer requirements, including screen layouts, color palettes, typography, and user-interface elements.

This position is full-time, located in Manhattan, salary commensurate with experience. Email nyc_designer[at]flavorpill.com your resume and link to online portfolio.