‘Walking Dead’ Premiere Breaks Ratings Record


Did you watch last night’s Season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead? Odds are that you probably did, as Deadline is reporting that the super-sized episode of AMC’s zombie thriller drew in 7.3 million viewers in total, making it “the strongest telecast for any drama in basic cable history.” That’s a significant increase from last year’s season average of 5.2 million viewers per episode. Not bad news at all for a series that has been publicly dealing with the controversial loss of its showrunner, Frank Darabont, as well as rumored budget cuts. Ratings aside, if you did watch, we’re curious to hear in the comments what you thought of the premiere. Are you surprised to hear that it performed as well as it did? Were you shocked by the way it ended? More importantly, how do you think this news makes Don Draper feel? We’re guessing kind of sad.