‘Full House’ Stars Reunite for New Web Series


Joey Gladstone, Stephanie Tanner, Mr. Belding, and Kato Kaelin, of OJ Simpson-trial fame. This sounds more like the setup for some kind of joke than the cast of a new show. And yet, former Full House stars Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin truly are reuniting to star in a web series called Can’t Get Arrested, in which they play fictionalized versions of themselves, two actors trying to revitalize their careers. Coulier gave The Wrap a preview of the premise: “Jodie and I … we’re sitting at dinner and the paparazzi takes a picture of us, and they purposely Photoshop a nip slip onto her, and it hits the press… So she’s outraged, but I think it’s a real opportunity.” That’s when the scheming commences, and where Kaelin and Saved by the Bell‘s Dennis Haskins join in the action. The show will begin its initial five-episode run on CantGetArrestedShow.com at the end of this month, with new installments debuting every week thereafter. Coulier also teases that it’s possible other Full House alums will make guest appearances.We’d like to request Kimmy Gibbler, please.