Amazing Artworks That Explode Out of Their Frames


Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda reinvigorates mundane, everyday objects in his clever 3D art installment entitled Escape. “No Smoking” signs, playing cards, alarm clocks, and eye-chart recreations explode out of the constricting frames where they’ve been placed and into mid-air, where they remain frozen in flight. Matsueda’s collection also signifies that the pieces aren’t just one-dimensional, both visually and conceptually, through personifying the objects and representing their need to break free from designated structures. Check out the Escape series after the jump.

Yuki Matsueda, No Photography, 2011, PET, acrylic [Spotted via Laughing Squid]

Yuki Matsueda, Play With Blocks, 2007, PET, wood

Yuki Matsueda, Diamond 5, 2009, PET, acrylic, wood, card

Yuki Matsueda, Look at me!, 2009, PET, acrylic, wood

Yuki Matsueda, Heart A, 2011, PET, acrylic

Yuki Matsueda, No Smoking, 2011, PET, acrylic

Yuki Matsueda, Super Egg, 2007, PET, resin, husk, wood

Yuki Matsueda, Home, 2008, PET, acrylic, wood, photo

Yuki Matsueda, Escape 1, 2007, PET, clock, wood

Yuki Matsueda, Between, 2009, PET, wood

Yuki Matsueda, ORIGAMI Pakupaku, 2010, PET, CHIYOGAMI, wood

Yuki Matsueda, ♠ Royal Straight Flush, 2009, PET, acrylic, resin, wood, card

Yuki Matsueda, Count Down Dice, 2010, PET, resin, wood, dice

Yuki Matsueda, Super Dice, 2011, PET, DICE, iron

Yuki Matsueda, Do Not Touch, 2011, PET, acrylic