Quote of the Day: Will Ferrell’s American Idol Performance That Wasn’t

“You know when I first read this song I asked ‘Did Dylan, Taupin and Angelou really write this.’ And they said sort of. And I said what does that mean? And then they ran away. But after five bottles of wine I knew who the real writer of this song was….. the big man himself, God Almighty.”

– This is the “talk part” from the hilarious song that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell wrote after being asked to perform on last night’s American Idol finale. (Full lyrics here.) According to McKay, “We wrote a song and they said yes. Then I think they took a beat and actually read what we wanted to do and the plug was pulled. But we got pretty far down the road.”

Just to put this in perspective: American Idol producers put viewers through a seized up Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah in a onesie, and Rod Stewart on his deathbed, but they couldn’t deliver us someone who was actually trying to be funny… [via Vulture]