Spend Some ‘Crazy Clown Time’ In-Studio with David Lynch


We recently told you about David Lynch’s bizarre new album, Crazy Clown Time, which releases worldwide on November 7 (November 8 in North America). The Inland Empire director’s electronic, bluesy beats tell a story about a strange backyard party — at least that’s as much as we caught when he previewed the upcoming project’s title track. We’ll have fourteen songs to comb through, allowing us to eternally debate the meaning of lyrics about girls tearing their tops off and some guy named Buddy screaming. To get us anxious for more, the surreal auteur has provided us with a teaser of in-studio footage. While it doesn’t really answer any of the burning questions we have about the album, it’s neat to see Lynch at work. (We wish he’d make another movie. Like now.) Beautifully shot and languid as can be, click through to see the video.