A Wonderful Music Video Featuring 200 Parody Album Covers


Parenthetical Girls are a fantastic, bizarre, and grossly under-recognized, avant-pop band from Everett, Washington. We’ve been fans of theirs for a while, so we’re excited to see that their incredibly clever new music video is attracting some attention. The clip for the catchy, glitchy, semi-absurdist “I Need Nothing” is simply a point-of-view shot of a guy browsing in a record store — but the records he’s flipping through are mock-ups of real album covers, decorated with the lyrics to Parenthetical Girls’ song. Watch the video after the jump, then click through for a gallery to get a closer look at some of our favorites of the 200 handmade covers, and see which ones you can identify. We see Led Zeppelin’s debut and London Calling and New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies and…

[via Laughing Squid]