Amazing Japanese Art Trucks


Perhaps more people would brave the long hours and physically taxing work of being a truck driver if their riggs looked anything like Japan’s art trucks — otherwise known as the Dekotora. If Las Vegas, a carny, and Transformers had a love child it would look like these wildly decorated trucks. Anime fans will note that the vehicular designs are often inspired by Gundam — a type of anime that features gigantic robots (mechs) that people pilot. The interiors are usually just as showy as the outside, and these bad boys can take up to 10-20 years to complete since the modifications are so costly. You’ll mostly find independent truckers creating them for fun while on the road — yes, they are totally drivable and street legal when the decorative lights are turned off — while others just want to show them off. Check out our garish gallery of neon, strobe lights, and chrome past the break.

[Spotted via Pink Tentacle]