Chloë Sevigny to Play Transsexual Assassin in New TV Series


We would watch just about anything starring Chloë Sevigny — for a while there in Season 4, she was the only reason we didn’t give up on Big Love — so imagine our delight at learning what a juicy new role she has lined up. ArtsBeat reports that Sevigny will play the protagonist of a satellite series called Hit and Miss, a character who will be both a pre-op transsexual and an assassin. And, as if balancing sex reassignment and a career as a hired gun weren’t enough, she’ll also find out she’s sired a child by a dying ex-girlfriend. At first glance, the setup seems somewhat contrived, but if anyone can make such a complex character work, it’s Sevigny. Hit and Miss is helmed by Paul Abbott, who created the original British Shameless, and will debut on the UK’s Sky Atlantic in January before crossing the pond to air on DirecTV sometime in 2012.