Watch ‘The Big Lebowski’s’ Dude Visit Occupy LA


So far, Occupy Wall Street has been getting all the celebrity visits. (You heard, didn’t you, that Russell Brand and his wife, what’s-her-name, visited Zuccotti Park with Russell Simmons over the weekend?) But did you know that, over a week ago, the guy who inspired The Dude from The Big Lebowski made a trip to Occupy Los Angeles over a week ago? As Slate reports, Jeff Dowd seemed to be enjoying himself there, and had a lot to say about America’s shift from a “production-based” to a “financially based” economy. He also found time to praise the late Steve Jobs, because “what the guy stood for was making things.” (Never mind that many of these things ended up being made in China.) Watch the dude preach for a solid 11 minutes after the jump.