Wanted: A Trilogy of Martin Scorsese Tribute Posters


We’re huge fans of Ibraheem Youssef’s wonderful work around here, so we’re thrilled to see that Toronto-based art director, whose Wes Anderson-inspired posters we were so obsessed with last year, has finally turned his focus on the oeuvre of another of our favorite directors — Martin Scorsese. “I’ve decided to work on the Mob Trilogy that Scorsese has built over the years, starting with Mean Streets in 1973, moving to GoodFellas then finally Casino,” he explains. “Some took longer than others, for example Casino, I watched the film about three times, pausing, rewinding and so forth to capture every little detail of all of the suits that Robert De Niro wore in the film, quite the tedious affair, but a labor of love nonetheless.”

Limited-edition fine art Giclee prints of all three designs will go on sale tomorrow at 2pm GMT in Youssef’s online shop; follow him on Twitter to be notified as soon as they’re available for purchase.