Watch a Beautiful Time-Lapse Tribute to ‘Blade Runner’


We hope that you love this time-lapse video of Tokyo set to the Blade Runner soundtrack as much as we do; the French filmmaker behind the project, Samuel Cockedey, shot the footage over the course of a year, mainly in the Shinjuku area, in tribute to two men who have influenced his own work — Ridley Scott and Vangelis.

“One great thing about shooting time lapses is that it forces you to slow down and do something you normally don’t: stop, watch and enjoy,” he recently explained in an interview. “It’s a time for contemplation. Most people have a quick look at a view and then move on to something else. But when you shoot a place for several hours, you can really let the view sink in, get a real sense of the surroundings, the noises, the smells, the small details. I guess you could call that a form of slow tourism.” Such a lovely way of describing it, right?

[via Coudal Partners]