What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we couldn’t decide which of the costumes at this year’s Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Parade was our favorite — although the MTA bus Corgi was pretty freaking cute. We totally empathized with Doree Shafrir’s piece on Generation Catalano — aka the tiny slice of the population who awkwardly inhabits the space between Generation X and the Millennials. We learned a little bit about the history of the spacesuit. We wanted to cry over this clip of 7,000 wine bottles crashing to the floor. We decided that real kids should always be the ones to review children’s books. We almost gagged over this picture of a ramen noodle sandwich (it’s probably the cheese slice that pushed us over the edge). We couldn’t believe that the precocious little boy from Jerry Macguire is 21 years old now. We decided that Halloween was much, much creepier back in the olden days. We listened to the first episode of Alec Baldwin’s new podcast for WNYC. We loved this Alfred Hitchcock meets Angry Birds illustration by Dan Eijah Fajardo and Pedro Kramer. And finally, we wished that we could unsee this extreme closeup of James Franco’s bare bottom, which graces the cover of Flaunt magazine. Click through if you dare!