What We’re Listening to at Flavorpill


Yay! It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for What We’re Listening To, a weekly roundup of the tracks that have been getting the repeat treatment in our office. After the jump, ten songs that Flavorpill staffers are loving right now, along with some light commentary on why we think they’re special (we hear A LOT of music ’round here). Enjoy and feel free to leave your own recent obsessions in the comments.

1. Lonely Island, “Santana DVX” Plus he’s teamed with Rob Thomas for a Music Revolution. – Lee Frank

2. Pink Mountaintops, “While You Were Dreaming” Like falling in love on acid. – Eli Dvorkin

3. The Raconteurs, “Top Yourself” Over and over. And over. – Tanja Laden

4. Los Colorados, “Hot n Cold” It’s been in my head since this morning, and I couldn’t work out if they were singing in English or Russian at the beginning. – Oliver Spall

5. EAR PWR, “Future Eyes” Their new album just came out. This is a (Wham City/Dan Deacon buddy) band that is so freakin’ electrocute that I can’t listen to them for an entire record. But I have been jamming to “Future Eyes” and “Sparkley Sweater” on their MySpace page. – Leah Taylor

6. Janelle Monae, “Many Moons” Watch the “Many Moons” mini-movie at the top of the page. This chick is like the female version of Andre 3000. I love it. – Leah

7. Wajeed, “Anything” – Michael Rosen

8. Tokyo Police Club “Be Good” (RAC Mix) Most of TPC’s songs are a little too juvenile for me to get into, but this remix by RAC is just too much fun to pass up. – Cassidy Pignatello

9. Chateau Marmont, “Anything & Everywhere” Eagerly awaiting a full-length album from these Parisians, who create some really catchy (and unique!) electro-pop. – Cassidy

10. Pilar Diaz, “Tu y Yo” Since leaving Los Abandoned, Diaz has been rockin’ it solo with stuff that fuses styles from both her Chilean & Angelino roots…and she plays the ukelele to boot! – Jane McCarthy