The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. That 6-minute prologue from The Dark Knight Rises that we told you about last week will only be screening before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol on the higher resolution (and much rarer) 70mm IMAX screens, not digital IMAX ones. If you’re confused as to what this means, ask one of your film geek friends. [via Collider]

2. Word it that Sony is courting Aaron Sorkin to write its forthcoming Steve Jobs movie based on Walter Isaacson’s new biography. Sounds like a good match to us. [via LAT]

3. Netflix — which after price hikes and various PR snafus lost 800,000 US subscribers in the last quarter — is planning to expand its streaming service into Ireland and Great Britain in early 2012. [via Slashfilm]

4. Here are some photos of some of the outdoor sets in Sydney where Baz Luhrman is shooting the new Great Gatsby movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Cute!

5. Stealing a strategy from the Disney playbook, Warner Bros. plans to stop shipping Harry Potter DVDs and Blu-rays to stores at the end of the year in an effort to increase demand and boost sales. [via THR]

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