The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. A London coroner has ruled that Amy Winehouse died from drinking too much alcohol — not from withdrawal, as was originally thought — and in fact, she had consumed 4.5 times more than the legal limit for driving in the UK at her time of death. [via The Daily Beast]

2. Community’s hilarious Ken Jeong will star in and produce a new comedy called The Chung Factor for Lionsgate; he’ll be playing an “offbeat relationship coach” who is trying to win back his ex from an unsuspecting client. [via TheWrap]

3. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler took a nasty fall in the bathroom of his hotel in Paraguay yesterday, which resulted in cuts to his face and the loss of two teeth. The band was also forced to cancel last night’s performance. [via MTV]

4. Marni Kotak, the performance artist who shocked the world when she announced that she planned to give birth in Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery, delivered “Baby X” yesterday morning; a video of the performance will be exhibited for those who missed out on seeing it live. [via AP]

5. Former 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney is in the hospital following some “serious” post-surgery complications. CBS says that his condition is stable, but at the request of his family, is offering no further information. [via Jezebel]

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