Meet Frances Bean Cobain’s Alleged Fiancé


There’s a pretty catchy headline over at Gawker this morning: “Is Frances Bean Cobain Marrying a Kurt Cobain Look-Alike?” But, as regular Gawker readers will not be shocked to learn, the post doesn’t exactly deliver what the headline teases. It turns out that not only is the engagement news Facebook-based speculation, but the post is basically a send-up of OC Weekly‘s silly claim that Cobain’s alleged fiancé, Isaiah Silva, looks like her dad. What the SoCal alt-weekly doesn’t seem to understand is that just about every male rock musician under 40 is now trying very hard to look like Kurt Cobain because, in case you haven’t heard, it’s the ’90s again. (And anyway, in the most of the photos we’ve seen, his look reminds us a bit more of pre-2007, hippie/Etsy-style Kevin Barnes.)

So now that we’ve established that Frances Bean’s maybe-fiancé does not look particularly similar to her late father, what else can the Internet tell us about this fellow? It turns out that he fronts a local Orange County rock band called The Rambles, who have a fairly neglected Facebook page followed by 102 fans and count The Beatles, Counting Crows, Oasis, and Phantom Planet among their influences. A band bio from their recent Viper Room gig compares them to The Rolling Stones and The Black Crowes and vaunts Silva’s “undeniable charisma.” As all of this suggests, their music is a far cry from Nirvana — you’ll hear a lot of acoustic balladry, twangy, classic-rock guitar, and even some harmonica in the videos posted after the jump.