A Google Map of Every Location Mentioned in a Mountain Goats Song


Mountain Goats fandom is no casual endeavor; their discography looks something like this, and that’s not even including the many, many songs that have never been released. The intense relationship between John Darnielle’s audience and his music has been extensively documented, and each Mountain Goats concert is basically an excuse for several hundred people to celebrate the joys of unhappiness together. (In case you assume we’re making fun, know this: We’ve been to at least six of them.) All of which is to say that there is absolutely nothing surprising in the news that one zealous disciple has created a global Google map pinpointing each of the myriad places Darnielle mentions in his songs and annotating it with the relevant lyrics — from the Denton, TX of “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” to the Shanghai of “Lady from Shanghai.” Gawk (or, if you’re a Mountain Goats superfan, point out the egregious omission of your choice) after the jump.

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[via Largehearted Boy]