Watch Jonathan Demme’s Short Film About Occupy Wall Street


Jonathan Demme is known for his mastery of all sorts of movie genres, from thriller (Silence of the Lambs) to concert doc (Stop Making Sense, his Neil Young films) to emotionally wrenching drama (Philadelphia, Rachel Getting Married). And since many of his films have had political overtones, it’s not surprising to learn that he is fascinated by the Occupy movement. Demme has created a 15-minute short that documents daily life at Zuccotti Park — the drum circles, the dancing, the conversations between strangers, the menacing police presence, the young people sleeping among tarps, the signs, the passionate speakers, the news cameras. The filmmaker told Deadline that the video is “an informercial for Occupy Wall Street, a citizen’s response to something important… I have no agenda, but I’m an enthusiast and support this so passionately that in a tiny way I wanted to contribute.” Demme says he has at least one more Occupy short in the works.