Pic of the Day: Carsten Höller’s Slide in the New Museum


Belgian artist Carsten Höller’s metal slide installations often boggle the mind. How does he manage to burrow through buildings to put them into place? The spiral-shaped slides have been an ongoing project for Höller since the ’90s when he created a similar series that featured at the Berlin Biennale, and later at the offices of Miuccia Prada in Milan. The artist’s works allow viewers a moment of self-exploration, while toying with feelings of panic and glee. Those are things we’d certainly feel rushing down a 102-foot-long slide that winds its way from the New Museum’s fourth floor to its second. Höller’s exhibit will also feature a new light installation, a sensory deprivation pool, and more. Hit the jump to get a peek at slide. Head to Gothamist for more pics and some video. Photo credit: Kohey Kanno