Watch Occupy Wall Street March Through the ‘Gossip Girl’ Set


As you may have heard, Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley is down with Occupy Wall Street. Earlier this month, before a Katy Perry or an Alec Baldwin or a Kanye West was popping up in Zuccotti Park every few minutes, our very own Dan Humphrey (one of the show’s few 99 percenters) was marching with the occupiers and dispensing such self-aware commentary as, “I mean, listen, it’s cheesy, but I want to do whatever I can. Let’s be honest: I’m on fucking Gossip Girl. It’s absurd that celebrity power is what it is, but, like, use any tool you have, you know?”

Well, the protesters must have appreciated Badgley’s contribution, because yesterday they paraded right through the Gossip Girl set during a march in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, where police fired tear gas and possibly rubber bullets at demonstrators Tuesday night, leaving one veteran in critical condition. Although Lonely Boy is nowhere to be found in the footage, other personnel on the shoot seem to have taken the interruption in stride. Meanwhile, we’re left with a heightened sense of guilt over lying slack-jawed on our couch every Monday at 8pm, watching Blair negotiate the difficulties of becoming a princess, when we could be taking part in the revolution.

[via Young Manhattanite]