Watch the Final Parody Trailer for ‘The Muppets’


There aren’t many movies that could get away with releasing this many trailers before opening in theaters without eventually creating some serious audience backlash. But come on, this is the Muppets we’re talking about here. They can do no wrong, unless you happen to be a hard-hearted “purist” like Frank Oz, who we would wager finds the entire marketing campaign as disrespectful as a Fozzie fart shoe gag. In this latest, and purportedly final parody, the gang is busy at work sending up their own film before moving on to Paranormal Activity 3, Puss in Boots, Happy Feet, and Twilight. Even though we wish that there was more new footage here, the whole “Breaking Prawn” bit is pretty inspired, don’t you think?

[via Collider]