Go Behind the Scenes of Slasher Classic ‘Halloween’


If you’re a cult film fan — or if you just love movies, period — then you’ll want to become familiar with the team at Trailers From Hell. Led by Gremlins director Joe Dante, this group of cult cineastes — comprised of writers, directors, and other industry experts — truly know their stuff. Their casual, honest, and totally informative approach is also helped by the fact that they’re giant movie geeks — so really, they feel like the pal you obsess about your favorite films with.

What do they do exactly? The Trailers From Hell guest introduces a film — usually by sharing its trailer (they often choose rare cuts) — and chats about it, filling you in on great behind-the-scenes info and other fascinating facts that you probably never knew. Even if you’re a die-hard cult cinema fan, TFH are full of surprises, so you’ll probably learn something. The best part is, they do it all in under three minutes. Past the break, learn some interesting tidbits surrounding the slasher horror classic, Halloween . Filmmaker Adam Rifkin tells you about the evolution of the movie, which part Christopher Lee was almost cast in, and more.