Nickelodeon’s Lost Horror Film Airs Halloween Night


For over a decade, the made-for-television movie Cry Baby Lane — starring horror vet Frank Langella — was thought to be a lost film. Nickelodeon debuted the movie in October 2000, but parental outcry over the film’s uber creepy conjoined twin plot is the probable culprit behind why this horror flick never re-aired or saw a video release.

In the film, twins attached at birth (one good and one evil, of course) are kept imprisoned in their room by their father. Years later, a teen séance conjures some dead evil twin mojo. This August, a Reddit user found a copy of the movie on VHS. Now, Nickelodeon is airing it a second time for you this Halloween night as part of TeenNick’s The ’90s Are All That program. Will you be watching the banned movie as part of your spooky holiday celebration?