Art Inspired by the Many Iconic Roles of Bill Murray


There is no shortage of pop-culture love for the great Bill Murray — one of the most talented, and strangest, actors of his generation. So it was only a matter of time before some well-attuned curator dedicated an entire exhibition to him. Los Angeles’ Gallery1988 Melrose has done just that, with Please Post Bills, a group show of works inspired by Murray that will run from November 3rd-26th. In the preview gallery after the jump, you’ll find tributes to Steve Zissou, Ghostbusters‘ Peter Venkman, Groundhog Day‘s Phil Connors, Lost in Translation‘s Bob Harris, and even a handy infographic guide to all of Murray’s films.

DKNG, The Films of William James Murray [Spotted via Slashfilm]

Jude Buffum, Ugly Little Spud

Jesse Riggle, Bill Murray

Jessica Deahl, Collection of Curiosities

Jayson Weidel, It’s looking right at me

Dave Perillo, Groundhog Day

Miranda Dressler, Bill

Rich Pellegrino, Winger

Doug La Rocca, It’s Suntory Time

Pat Kinsella, Death Therapy

Jeff Boyes, FrankenMurray

Scott Derby, Four of a Kind

Evan M. Lopez, Candy BAAAAAR!

Nick Comparone, Bill Murray