‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel Producers Want Michael Keaton to Reprise Role


As you may have heard, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author Seth Grahame-Smith is making a new Beetlejuice movie. Although the script isn’t even written yet, and the general assumption bad been that it would be a reboot, he and co-producer David Katzenberg recently clarified in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that it will be an honest-to-goodness sequel. Not only that, but Grahame-Smith said he would only make the movie with Tim Burton’s blessing… and if Michael Keaton agrees to reprise the title role. “[T]he star of the movie has to be Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, and it’s a true continuation 26 years later,” he told EW. “Not just throwing him in as a cameo going, ‘Hey, it’s me. I endorse this movie.'”

Now, before you get excited, keep in mind that, because the film is still in the concept stage, Grahame-Smith and Katzenberg haven’t actually talked specifics with Keaton yet. But assuming that they hold their Michael Keaton-or-bust line, we’re much more excited about this Beetlejuice sequel than we were before. [via The Mary Sue]