Listen to David Lynch’s “Pinky’s Dream” with Vocals by Karen O


There is never a bad time for a collaboration between David Lynch and Karen O, but the weekend before Halloween is very possibly the best moment for one. With the November 8th release of his solo album right around the corner, “Pinky’s Dream,” a cut that features lead vocals by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman, has surfaced. The song is considerably less cartoonish than the eponymous first single from Crazy Clown Time. With O’s breathy, Kim Gordon-style vocals layered over panicked percussion and shot through with eerie sounds, and a chorus of “Pinky watch the road,” it would make the perfect soundtrack to a warped chase scene in one of Lynch’s own movies. Failing that, the music video for “Pinky’s Dream” pretty much makes itself.

[via 130BPM]