Smackdown Styles Of the Rich And Famous


In the old days, settling a famous people feud was simple: the opposing parties could either breakdance, stage a walk-off, or have their clay avatars fight each other on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. Now, though? All bets are off as these poor, innocent celebrities are forced to wage public, guerrilla war through the media. Here are some of our favorite recent squabbles.

We don’t hold Lily Allen to very high standards around here (after all, she sings a song about an ex-boyfriend’s endowment called “Not Big,”) but girlfriend has been blaspheming all over her Twitter feed: “Susan Boyle is so overrated.” Remember when she targeted people who at least sort of made sense? Like Amy Winehouse? Or Perez Hilton? [via NYM]

Across the pond, dancers in London’s West End production of Hairspray take on rats. And they’re blaming Andrew Lloyd Webber. [via Telegraph]

Elsewhere in the Land of American Idol and Hissyfits, Clay Aiken (supposed cousin of Kenneth from 30 Rock) is paring back his fightin’ words for so-pretty-he-could-be-a-male-Jessica-Szohr Adam Lambert. [via Yahoo!]

The Real Housewives have managed to piss off a whole city? Yeah, that actually seems about right. [via Defamer]

Do any of these top Lindsay Lohan vs. Hillary Duff (circa 2003), our current reigning all-time favorite feud? They don’t make ’em like they used to…

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