Nicole Kidman to Develop Film Version of Kevin Wilson’s ‘The Family Fang’


Well, that was fast. According to Deadline, Nicole Kidman has acquired the rights to Kevin Wilson’s off-kilter (and bestselling!) debut novel, The Family Fang , which was one of our favorite books of the summer. In it, the children of two out-there performance artists, who have spent their lives being sucked into their parents’ weird schemes, try to navigate away from the twisted, real-but-not-real world they’ve been offered their entire lives, but still manage to get caught up in what might be their parents’ final, devastating act. It’s funny, original, and well worth making a film for, though we have to say we didn’t quite expect one — bestseller or no, the novel is no Spiderman, and if the film maintains the book’s epic weirdness, we’re not sure about its potential for mass appeal (not that that’s a bad thing). But perhaps we should have known — when we read it back in August, we looked up after about thirty pages and said, ‘this is just a Wes Anderson movie as a novel.’ Just a suggestion, Nicole.