Surprise! Joss Whedon Has Another Other Movie in the Works


We all knew Joss Whedon was a genius, but if we needed conclusive proof that he is also a raging workaholic, well, here it is: A week after we learned that he’s preparing an indie Much Ado About Nothing for the spring festival circuit comes news that Whedon and Kai Cole’s microbudget studio Bellwether Pictures already has yet another project in the works. In Your Eyes is a supernatural romance that Whedon has apparently had written for a while but knew wouldn’t be a good fit for a traditional studio. The film will be directed by the relatively unknown writer-director Brin Hill and produced by Cole and Michael Roiff (Waitress, Save the Date). We still don’t know much about the movie, but if the words “Joss Whedon” and “supernatural romance” are any indication, it’s what Buffy fans have been waiting years to see. [via Deadline]