Dear Costume Department: Miss Piggy


Editor’s note: Welcome to Dear Costume Department, a new bi-weekly feature brought to you by our fashion-minded friends from Of a Kind, a curated shopping site of limited-edition goods by emerging designers. With each installment, they’ll bring you a head-to-toe look inspired by a buzzed-about pop culture personality — complete with info on where to grab the pieces for your own closet. Enjoy!

This is a movie of limitless hype. There was the massive amount of buzz when it was revealed in 2008 that Jason Segel — just ahead of his full-frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall — was developing a script with Nicholas Stoller for the movie formerly known as The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time. There were the plot leaks. There was news of the massive number of cameos — Jack Black! Emily Blunt! Pretty much everyone in The Hangover! But the one unknown we can focus of energies on now that there is nothing to do but pre-order tickets for Thanksgiving weekend: What the eff should Miss Piggy wear?

Every Muppet movie needs a good ball gown — ideally something in a super-girly shade, like this sucker from Bibhu Mohapatra that leaves arms free for karate-chopping.

She wears animal print whether or not it’s on-trend — it’s a way for to assert her piggy prowess. But since it is having a moment, she ought to go big with this curve-hugging By Marlene Birger coat.

Subtlety? Out of the question. Charlotte Olympia is the queen of cartoonishly amazing shoes, some of them featuring cats, perfect for walking all over Kermie.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s all about the pearls and the shiny. This Lulu Frost necklace hits all possible notes.

Obvi this one would embrace the fascinator thing — so very her scene, especially this style from Satya Twena that comes in 14 colors.

The white is prissy; the leather is tough — in short, this Labour of Love creation is Miss Piggy in glove form.