Quote of the Day: Tao Lin Wins His Own Writing Contest [Updated]


“6. sarah and i would ‘bond’ more if she won the contest”

– OK, this is funny but hard to “cover.” Tao Lin’s publishing company Muumuu House Brandon Scott Gorrell held a short story contest with a $7 entry fee. Tao submitted a story under his girlfriend’s allowed his girlfriend to submit a story that he’d given her for eight different reasons, the sixth (and our favorite) which we’ve posted above. He ended up winning the contest and now people are accusing him of embezzlement. Note: She gets to keep the title and prize money. [via the fiction circus via spiersblr]

Update: We just received the corrections above in an email from Tao. He says that The Fiction Circus article is almost entirely incorrect, and that would we should be better fact checkers in the future. Point taken. You can read his account of the whole thing here. There’s also a forum here for participants to air their feelings about the contest; most of them don’t seem pissed off.