The Top 10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts Might Depress You


Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber. Katy Perry. You might expect to see these names on, say, the list of big winners at the MTV Video Music Awards. They are also, it turns out, the only people in the world with more popular Twitter accounts than Barack Obama — who edges out famous-for-being-famous divorcée-to-be Kim Kardashian by less than 150,000 followers, according to new stats compiled by Twitaholic. The remainder of the top 10 includes four pop stars (Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift) and Ashton Kutcher. Friends, you’ll have to scroll all the way down to #23 to find a news organization (CNN Breaking News). Also depressing? Perez Hilton has more followers than The New York Times. See how many followers each of the 10 most popular tweeters has racked up after the jump, and then visit Digital Media News if you think you can stomach the entire top 100. Spoiler alert: In case you’re still laboring under the illusion that Twitter users are still elite, media-savvy types, this is all the evidence you’ll need to convince you that those days are long gone.

Graphic via Digital Media News