Illustrating Every Page of ‘Moby Dick’


Back in late 2009 we told you about an interesting project by Ohio-based, self-taught artist Matt Kish. The concept? He was in the early stages of working his way through illustrating all 552 pages of Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby Dick. Now that he has finally completed the epic undertaking, a collection of the resulting artwork is being released as Moby-Dick in Pictures by Tin House. “[‘Moby Dick’] has been such a companion for me my whole life,” Kish explained to HuffPost earlier this year. “I’ve read it a bunch of times, I saw the TV movie, various comic book adaptations — it’s been such a part of me.” Click through to check out a trailer for his book, along with some of our favorite pieces from the project — all of which are available for purchase in Kish’s Etsy shop.

Page 204, $130

“To accomplish his object Ahab must use tools…”

Page 222, $180

“…the pursuit of whales is always under great and extraordinary difficulties…”

Page 310, $200

“So strongly and metaphysically did I conceive of my situation then, that while earnestly watching his motions, I seemed distinctly to perceive that my own individuality was now merged in a joint stock company of two…”

Page 357, $300

“Instead of sparkling water, he now spouts red blood.”

Page 433, $180

“And as for my exact knowledge of the bones of the Leviathan in their gigantic, full grown development, for that rare knowledge I am indebted to my late royal friend Tranquo, king of Tranque, one of the Arsacides.”

Page 458, $150

“Ahab seized a loaded musket from the rack (forming part of most South-Sea-men’s cabin furniture), and pointing it towards Starbuck, exclaimed: “There is one God that is Lord over the earth, and one Captain that is lord over the Pequod. – On deck!”

Page 501, $50

“Come! I feel prouder leading thee by thy black hand, than though I grasped an Emperor’s!”

Page 542, $190

“What’s this? – green? aye, tiny mosses in these warped cracks. No such green weather stains on Ahab’s head! There’s the difference now between man’s old age and matter’s. But aye, old mast, we both grow old together; sound in our hulls, though, are we not, my ship?”

Page 547, $250

“At length as the craft was cast to one side, and ran ranging along with the White Whale’s flank, he seemed strangely oblivious of its advance…”