Attention Trolls: Google Is Now Indexing Your Facebook Comments


While the majority of Flavorwire’s readers are culturally-informed people with lovely manners (if a tad bit unforgiving, especially when it involves a list), the comments area on particular posts can get unsavory — say for example, anytime that we write something about Odd Future. If you’re guilty of indulging in a little troll-like behavior when the mood strikes, the following news might be of interest to you: Gawker reports that Google just started indexing the comments that you leave on non-Facebook sites using your Facebook account. What does this mean in the most basic terms? The mysterious cloak of JavaScript will no longer save your carefully-crafted barbs from being searchable. As your mom might say, if you wouldn’t want someone to know that you’re the one who’s writing something, then you probably shouldn’t be writing it in the first place.