Read Madonna’s Incredibly Weird 1979 Cover Letter


There’s no shortage of stories floating around New York about pre-fame Madonna, who was a downtown fixture in the late ’70s before achieving international stardom a few years later. But none of those tales is quite as convincing as Ms. Ciccone’s own autobiography from that period, penned to accompany her resumé in an application letter to the director of her first film, A Certain Sacrifice. The strangely candid missive finds Madonna confessing, “During high school, I became slightly schizophrenic as I couldn’t choose between class virgin or the other kind” and recalling that, “When I was 15 I began taking ballet classes regularly, listening to baroque music and slowly but surely I developed a great dislike for my classmates, teachers and high school in general.” What follows includes a celebration of drama geeks, an aside about a “psychotic” dance company director, and a practically day-to-day accounting of her activities over the past few months. Draw what conclusions you will from the note (if you need a transcription, you’ll find it here); we’ll simply reiterate our general sense that celebrities are weird.

[via Letters of Note]