Fashionable Stripper Audition Polaroids from the ’60s and ’70s


Those looking for some retro fashion inspiration could do worse than perusing the stripper_polaroids Flickr account. No, we’re not cheekily suggesting that you clothe yourselves in G-strings and feather boas. The archive, which we discovered via Dangerous Minds, belongs to someone who apparently bought a box of 400 Polaroid stripper audition photos from the ’60s and ’70s for just $10 — and while there are some underwear and bikini shots, we were taken with the ones that show ladies dressed in the height of period fashion. There are mod print sheath dresses from the ’60s, sparkly disco frocks from the ’70s, and many truly enviable pairs of high-waisted, wide-legged pants. Travel back to a more innocent time — especially, it seems, for exotic dancers — with the gallery of our favorite shots, after the jump.