The New Melrose Place Gets a Teaser


As a die hard fan of the original Melrose Place, I’ve been curious about how The CW was going to handle the reboot. You know, without its eternal “special guest star” Heather Locklear on board as Amanda Woodward — possibly the best mean girl of all time, and certainly my favorite. While you can’t too tell much from the Britney Spears-soundtracked teaser that they’ve posted (except for the fact that the apartment complex got a bit of a makeover over the past decade), the three clips that accompany it reveal more. Namely, that the only scenes I’m going to like are the ones that feature the old cast members. Or dead bodies being ignored in the pool.

Also: This will come as no surprise to 7th Heaven fans or the three people who saw Undiscovered, but Ashlee Simpson-Wentz can’t act.

Find our favorite clip below — the dramatic “OMG it’s Dr. Michael Mancini!” reveal. And here’s a bit of Melrose trivia for you to enjoy: Thomas Calabro was the only actor to stay on board for all seven seasons of the original show, so I guess it’s not surprising he wanted in on the remake. He’s totally the Jennie Garth here.

So, will you be watching this fall?