Could a Photography Exhibition Be Any Buzzier?


At first we were convinced it was an Internet hoax designed to make us click; but no, West Hollywood-based M+B Gallery‘s upcoming show featuring Lisa Jack’s photos of President Obama as a college student is 100 percent real. Unfortunately, their website totally went kaput after all of the hits it received from people like us who were curious to see pics of the cigarette-smoking, fedora-wearing President-to-be. A note explains that, “Due to extremely high levels of demand, we regret the M+B site is currently unavailable.” Heh.

For now, you can satiate your curiosity by Googling “Obama 1980,” and grabbing a sneak peek. Spoiler alert: He’s a hottie. (Note: Some of these images already ran in Time Magazine. As one commenter on The Awl points out, this might have led to that photo editor’s current appointment as deputy director of the White House photo staff. Ahem.) For those of you lucky enough to live in LA, the show opens tomorrow night. We’d get there early to avoid the rubber-necking throngs.