Listen to the Amy Winehouse and Nas Duet, “Like Smoke”


We’re all for Tony Bennett, but pardon us if we’re a little bit more excited to hear the late Amy Winehouse’s duet with one of our favorite rappers, Nas. “Like Smoke” is the first single from Lioness: Hidden Treasures, the 12-song collection of new material, rarities, and demos that was compiled by producer Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson and is slated to come out December 5th. Nas’s lyrics, which must have been recorded quite recently, reference both Winehouse’s death (“I be out in London, Camden, hunting for the answers why the God take away the homie”) and the Occupy movement (“She wouldn’t protest with me at Wall Street”). Although the song is something of a patchwork, Nas’s rapid-fire verses sound right at home amid Winehouse’s slow, velvety, retro-soul chorus. Stream “Like Smoke” at MissInfo and let us know what you think. [via The Hairpin]