Five Examples of Stylish Public Housing in Other Countries


Spring and summer are popular months here in New York for that most dreaded of dreaded chores — moving. And indeed a number of Flavorpill staffers/interns/mascots are on the prowl for new affordable digs. (Yep, I’m one of them.) While few apartment hunters stateside aspire to live in public housing (also: it’s really hard to qualify for), we’ve uncovered a few spots overseas we wouldn’t mind calling home or at least checking out while doing that much more enjoyable summer activity — traveling.

1. Guess what happens when one of these units turns sideways and neatly falls into the one below it? The whole Slovenian block disappears.

2. Like a square donut, with a square donut hole. Wait, can holes be squares? Only in Madrid.

3. If Hayao Miyazaki lived in the hood, this spot in Vienna would be it.

4. The central stairwell to this Hong Kong public structure was named after a British government official, who we suspect was a huge 007 fan.

5. Perhaps Pablo should have stuck to cubes, since this rounded structure based on his design has become a centerpiece of Parisian suburban blight. Well, at least it still looks cool from above.