Madonna’s Inevitable Clothing Line for Adults Is Happening


It’s not terribly surprising that Madonna is launching a clothing line for adult women; in fact, it’s sort of shocking that pop’s most business-savvy diva didn’t do this a decade ago. Really, the only thing strange about the line is that Madge has chosen to name it after one of her least flattering moments: the 1991 tour documentary Truth or Dare. The brand, which follows are few years after the launch of her Taylor Momsen-fronted juniors line, Material Girl, will target women ages 27-50 and “will be designed to showcase the duality of her image, a power icon intertwined with feminine beauty.” Set to debut in 2012, Truth or Dare will eventually include fragrances, accessories, shoes, handbags, “intimates,” and long, blonde ponytail extensions. OK. Not that last one. Yet. [via Jezebel]