Tights that Look Less Like Tights and More Like Chaps


Woody Allen probably wouldn’t even dress Soon-Yi Previn in American Apparel’s latest creation: “backless tights.” Why would you ever refer to tights as backless? No tights cover lady-backs (or man-backs). We read about the “Exciting New Style” via New York Magazine and then went in search of the primary source material. Unfortunately, Dov’s innovative creations weren’t posted on the website yet… but we’ve got the NSFW image after the jump for you to ogle. Or vomit over. Whichever, really.

Final note: We’re thankful that Dov has no children (or stepchildren or adopted children) to model his utilitarian fashion concepts.

OK, real final note: The commenters over on nymag.com claim that wearing these will help you avoid “pancake butt.” Whatever that is.