Video of the Day: A Stunning Murmuration of Starlings


A flock of starlings is what’s known as a murmuration — one of the most beautiful words we’ve ever heard and a breathtaking phenomenon that finds thousands of the small birds forming swirling clouds that swoop across the sky. Sophie Windsor Clive and her traveling companions were canoeing across the River Shannon in Ireland when they floated right into a dense murmuration. Luckily their chance encounter was captured on video. Apparently the birds can reach up to 20 MPH in flight, and the murmuration builds in size over the course of the day as the starlings look for a place to congregate at night. Click past the break to marvel at this natural wonder.

[Spotted via PetaPixel]

Image credit: SteveMcN

Image credit: ad551

Image credit: snapp3r