St. Mark’s Bookshop Reaches Rent Deal


Cooper Union is going to reduce St. Mark’s Bookshop’s rent by $2,500 a month for the next year and offer the store some financial counseling. The East Village shop previously requested a $5,000 rent reduction, but Manhattan borough president Scott M. Stringer “tried to split the difference.” The NYC landmark store has been open since 1977, and its financial woes prompted an outpouring of support from lit lovers and the local community. Staff layoffs and salary cuts weren’t enough to help things stay afloat — thanks to the cruddy economy and rise in e-book sales. Petitions for a rent concession attracted the attention of the media, which helped bookshop’s cause, but owners are not hiring back employees at this time as things remain “fragile.” The positive side here is that community efforts such as this really can make a difference, and the iconic shop is safe for now. Still, go buy some books.